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The Complete Total AV Review: Top 3 Things You Must Know

Total AV is relatively new antivirus software. So far, it gets mixed reviews from both professionals and average users. On the one hand, it comes with many extra features that are conveniently gathered on the main interface. On the other one, there are a few things you can’t ignore. Let’s get to know more about the program, it’s pros and cons as well as whether it’s worth your time and money.

The main features that make Total AV alluring

First of all, it’s convenient. It runs on most operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The version of every system differs a bit since it delivers different features. Obviously, the program developed for a PC will bring the biggest bundle of features and protection tools. The smartphone apps are likely to have fewer things to offer.

Speaking about protection in this Total AV review, the software has tools to shield you from Trojan, worms, malware, spyware, phishing sites, etc. Aside from that, you can run the scans and detect viruses if there are any. Depending on your goal and time, you can pick a free scan, a full scan, a USB scan, etc.

The program also comes with extra tools for your privacy and security. One of them is a VPN. Using it, you’ll protect your device from outer threats and stay anonymous. However, keep in mind that is primitive and not as good as the service you get from specialized companies. It probably won’t unblock Netflix and other streaming sites. Yet, it’s enough for basic protection when surfing online.

When you buy Total AV Antivirus, you also get a personal firewall, system boost tool, disk cleaner, etc. In complex, these tools aim to improve the performance of your PC and to protect you from all sorts of threats.

The downside of the program

While the picture looks too good to be true, it’s not. Two major issues can greatly influence your choice and decision. Let’s discuss them.

First of all, there is a tricky pricing policy. At first, the company aimed to attract as many users as possible. That’s why there was an ad that offered an annual subscription for about $20. This was a superb price and lots of people got it. However, what they failed to notice was the fine print. It turns out only the 1st year comes with this price. From the 2nd one on, you’ll have to pay over $100. This is too much for an average antivirus. Even the top choices and leaders on the market charge about $60 per year. Now the company openly advertises that only the 1st year comes at this price. Yet, it doesn’t look so appealing now.

The other major issue you should know about is the lack of 100% protection. Unfortunately, the software still fails to detect some threat and can be inattentive to zero-day threats. Let’s hope the company will improve this result and provide users with excellent protection for the money they pay.