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Underground Dog House as a New Trend

American Tony Miller came up with a new format of dog kennels with natural climate control. It’s about an underground dog house. The idea of ​​creating an underground kennel, which was embodied in his own business, was suggested to him by the dog Zeke, who once began digging land in the yard to hide from the heat. Now his invention for his pet has conquered America! And we are ready to tell

How was This Invented?

The idea of ​​an underground booth came up with the idea of ​​an American Tony Miller after one day on a summer day he noticed how his dog, nicknamed Zeke, began to dig ground near his kennel to hide from the heat. Without wanting it, Zeke suggested a wonderful idea to Tony – now the owner is selling his booths with natural climate control to buyers from the USA, Canada and another 30 countries of the world.

The American company Miller Pet Products began selling dog kennels of the “new format” more recently. The DogeDen 60 booth is an underground kennel that will allow dogs living in the yard to feel comfortable at any time of the year. Due to the design and location underground, a constant temperature is maintained inside, which is not so dependent on the weather as an ordinary booth.

Underground Dog Kennels: Principle

The entrance to the kennel is located above the ground, and the berth is below it. To make it easy for dogs to climb and descend into the “bunker”, steps are provided inside. The booth is completely waterproof. If desired, customers can choose a booth with either up or down entry space. The first option is suitable if there is a danger that the yard can fill with water.

Above the surface, there remains only a 33 cm wide manhole closed on top, which is enough for access to dogs weighing up to 27.2 kg. The body of the kennel is monolithic and entirely made of thick plastic, which helps isolate the animal from moisture, heat, and cold. All year-round, the temperature inside is maintained at about 15 degrees.

How to Install an Underground Dog House

The installation of the booth is done with just one shovel. At the same time, the barrier at the entrance by several centimeters must rise above the surface of the earth. This is necessary to protect against moisture ingress. At the highest point of the booth, there are mounts for a leash that limits the movement of the animal.

Benefits of an Underground Doghouse

Of course, such a house for dogs has many advantages:

  • It keeps warm
  • Protects from heat
  • Provides comfortable conditions for the dog
  • Convenient for care
  • Easy to install
  • Relatively not expensive to purchase

In general, this is an original solution if you want to make the life of your dog as comfortable as possible. So the popularity of such a solution is only a matter of time. In the meantime, we offer to buy this solution from us directly in our store!

How Much Is It

The cost of the booth varies depending on the type: 199-209 dollars. DogeDen 60 is designed for any dog ​​weighing up to 60 pounds.

The Pet Store store has all the possible options for dog houses. You can find this innovative solution in our assortment. Or you can choose more classic options. It is worth saying that the farther, the more practical the solutions for dog houses. Today it can be an igloo, two-story houses, cozy and practical. So choose the best for your pet, we are ready to help you with this!