Bitdefender vs Avast


Bitdefender is a successful antivirus program that is specially manufactured to identify dangerous malware and delete them from the computer or other devices. It was originally designed by a Romanian company dealing with cybersecurity and manufactured other products for security against the internet.


Avast free antivirus is manufactured by Avast company which is one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity and antivirus market. The Avast utilize next-generation tools to deliver their users with trustworthy and high-level software that protect and save them from cyber threats and malware. In almost 186 countries, Avast is serving more than 435 million customers and protects from 3.5 billion malware attacks per month.



Bitdefender has some of the key features that are given below:

Bitdefender has a robust privacy tool to secure your personal data

It also provides protection from infecting through social media sites

It has a strong database for Encrypted passwords

It has some additional attractive features like rescue mode, gaming mode, movie mode and battery modes for hardware optimization

Bitdefender has a file shredder which is used to delete the files permanently

It has a link checker which secure your system when browsing

Finally, it provides technical support as well


Avast is intelligent antivirus software which has the ability to detect malware

Avast offers Cyber Capture to detect rare suspicious files

Home Network Security for protecting against cyber threats

Avast also has another attractive feature i.e. Smart Scan

Avast has the ability to the cleanup browser and malicious sites while browsing

Avast also has Firewall

Robust database for encrypted passwords

The Avast software updates automatically

Data Shredder to delete the files and data permanently

Winner: It?s a tie


When it comes to Bitdefender for price packages, it offers three packages i.e. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus which has the cost of $34.99 per year, Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 with the price of $39.98 per year and Bitdefender Total Security having the price of $44.99 per year.

Avast provides a free version and 3 paid packages. The paid package includes Avast Internet Security with the price of $59.99 per year, Avast premier having a price of $69.99 per year and Avast ultimate having a price of $119.99 per year.

Winner: No comparison can be drawn


Bitdefender got an excellent rating of 6/6 in AV- test. It means that it identified and removed all the malware and virus attacks continuously and even deleted worms and Trojans. In terms of performance, Bitdefender got the same score i.e. 6/6 which means that it has no effect on the speed of the system when running.  

Avast has the ability to block 98.8% of zero-day attacks on Windows 10. Avast also detected 99.8% of malware. On windows 8.1, it has blocked 100% of zero-day attacks and 99.8% of malware. Avast performance was not good on windows 7; it caught only 97.5% of zero-day attacks and 99.9% of spread out malware from the computer.

Winner: Bitdefender


Some of the drawbacks of both Avast and Bitdefender antivirus software are given below:

Avast: It fails to detect the infected files. It also sometimes slows down the hard drive disk loading.

Bitdefender: It will cost you almost a hundred dollars to enjoy its full version. The requirement of internet explorer for its activation is also a drawback of Bitdefender.

It is very clear from the above comparison that Bitdefender is the winner in this battle. However, Avast provides the user with more chances of customized scan and track easily the scan results. Avast offers a good range of protection on the cost of computer speed.


NordVPN vs IPVanish VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a powerful tool which provides you safety and privacy when browsing the internet. They work by hiding your identity from your computer and internet by encrypted tunnels and striking a particular server prior to moving out in the world.   

We are here to compare two different VPN services i.e. IPVanish( more in IPVanish review and NordVPN. Both are great options in terms of VPN services but definitely, you need to narrow down your choice to just one. We will talk about different features of two VPNs to help in your decision between these two brands.

Log keeping

One of the fundamental features of a VPN is its ability to log keeping. Although VPN itself provides you security and keep your privacy integral form other groups that may interest your data, yet the VPS which used to keep logs and details of your activity is usually not favored. In terms of log keeping both IPVanish and NordVPN provides zero logs keeping.

Winner: It’s a tie

Servers and locations

NordVPN have 4,684 servers from which you can choose any and these servers are spread out to 62 countries throughout the world. Various countries offer additional features which may include P2P, Double VPN, etc. and some other countries provide simple VPN services to hide your data.

IPVanish has servers in 60 countries just like NordVPN but the number of servers is far less than NordVPN i.e. just 1,100 servers.

Winner: NordVPN


In terms of performance, both NordVPN and IPVanish showed the same results. The performance of both is the same. The performance speed of VPN mostly depends on its location. But the overall performance was the same.

Winner: It’s a tie


Price is an important part of any product to declare it as recommended or not. In terms of VPN, it is also very necessary that the price really worth the services provided or not. NordVPN offers 3 plans, each having a 30 days money back guarantee to get your money back in case you don’t like services. There is a two-year plan with a payment of $3.29 per month and it is considered as the best deal. NordVPN also offers one year plan at a cost of $5.75 per month. You can also get one month deal at the price of $11.95. Another NordVPN deal is three-month offering with unlimited time with only $2.75 payment per month.

Similar to NordVPN, IPVanish offers 3 plans and all come up with 7 days money back guarantee. There is a yearly plan with a price of $6.49 per month, a three-month plan with a price of $8.99 per month, and a monthly plan costing up to $10.

If you want a plan for a month IPVanish will cost you less but in the long term, NordVPN will take less of your dollars.

Winner: It’s a tie.

Bandwidth limits

Bandwidth limit is an important aspect of VPN. It feels really bad when you are using VPN to retain your privacy and hiding identity and you got to know that your bandwidth limit is reached. It mostly happens while using the free version of VPN.

IPVanish and NordVPN provide unlimited bandwidth without any choking. You can use unlimited VPN service without any fear of reaching the end limit of bandwidth.

Winner: It’s a tie


As it is obvious from this comparison, the winner is NordVPN. No doubts both are decent VPN service providers but this comparison reveals a clear winner ? The NordVPN.

Norton Vs Avast

Norton and Avast are antivirus software and both are performing great in terms of security and protection. When you decide antivirus for your computer you definitely need the best one. If you are stuck between Norton and Avast read this comparison it will help your decision.


AV-test reveals that the Avast was successful in detecting 97.5% of malware offline and 99.3% online. The rate of protection online was 99.8%. The score is pretty good.

Norton, on the other hand, scored 78.7% malware detection while offline and 99.9% when online. In the case of Norton, the rate of protection online was near to perfect i.e. 99.9%. Avast has 4 whopping false alarms while Norton has 274.

In terms of protection, Avast and Norton both perform well with 6/6 rating in AV-test. It means that both are good options for protection and protection. In this battle, Norton wins because of its far better results shown by AV-comparatives.

Winner: Norton

Security Features


Avast provides features for managing passwords for protection of all online accounts

Avast caught malware and suspicious files to protect your computer

It has great Firewall

It offers spam filters

It also provides a shield against ransomware

Auto-updating of software

It has data shredder to ensure that all the files get deleted permanently

It also offers browser cleanup option that saves from irritating pop-ups from various sites


Norton provides robust protection against phishing

Also effectively detect and remove spam

It offers two-way firewall protection

Password manager for protection of all online accounts

It also offers online storage

Rescue Disk

Winner: Avast


Avast Free Antivirus is a free version. Avast Internet Security with price $59.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast Premier with price $69.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast Ultimate starts at $119.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast also offers a 30 days free trial version

Norton has priced $109.99 per year. It offers support to 10 devices as compared to just one device as in case of Avast. There are lots of discounts on this price which leave you to pay only $49.99 per year for 10 devices to protect.

Winner: Norton

User interface

Although the user interface is very instructive and informatory and offers users with all of the options and settings of data, yet some users think it is complex and difficult to use. Any of the features and settings can be displayed on the home screen including tabs and buttons for scans, security, advanced and add devices.  

In the case of Avast, the user interface appears darker and looks beautiful and compelling. All the key features are displayed on the main home screen window and it has nice a sidebar on the left side. Norton has a bit complex interface as compared to Avast. In comparison, Avast is the winner with a more intuitive user interface.

Winner: Avast

Avast Pros

Automatic updating of software

The setup process is very simple

Scores good in terms of performance and protection

Avast provides many advanced features related to security

Great deletion efficiency

It provides protection against ransomware

Avast Cons

Some security features can only be unlocked with extra payments instead of including in the package

Norton Pros

It offers protection to a huge number of devices with only one plan i.e. up to 10 devices

It offers good parental control

For backup, Norton provides 25 GB online storage

It provides a robust firewall

Offers a good range of additional features

Norton Cons

Fewer protection features for Mac users with a lack of parental control tools

Bottom line

No doubts Norton performed well in several ways but the winner is Avast. Avast is a worldwide company working with cyber protection and their features are trustworthy.

Avast vs Kaspersky

The antivirus software, Avast, and Kaspersky are renowned brands in the antivirus and security market. Both names have millions of users throughout the world. If you are confused between these two antivirus programs, have a look at this article where we discussed the main features and security packages.  

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky provides the same detection and scanning tools for all the antivirus apps. It offers a combination of digital signature matching apparatus with investigative monitoring to detect both kinds of unknown and known malware.

Kaspersky offers robust real-time protection. A test was conducted with Kaspersky containing hundreds and thousands of virus samples and it scored almost 100% real-time protection. In AV-test Kaspersky performed well and proved one of the best antivirus software with 100% malware detection, zero-day malware attacks and even protection from email and web threats.

Avast also provides somehow same malware protection tools to all of its antivirus products. A test by researchers has shown that Avast is perfect antivirus with 99% protection rates. In contrast to Kaspersky, Avast provides a 99% detection rate.  

Winner: Kaspersky


In terms of performance, Kaspersky leads ahead of Avast to some extent. There seems some difficulty in using various sites on chrome or any other heavy application. But still, some of the positive points of Avast can?t be ignored. It offers a safer environment for gaming online, sandbox features for running insecure application and management for personal data.

Winner: Kaspersky


Kaspersky offers four packages for window users and supports 5 devices. The packages are:

  1.    Kaspersky Anti-Virus has the price of $39.95 per year and supports 1 device
  2.    Kaspersky Internet Security with a price of $59.95 per year and supports only 1 device
  3.    Kaspersky Total Security with price $79.95 per year and supports 1 device
  4.    Kaspersky Cloud Security having a price of $89.99 per year and supports up to 3 devices and 5 devices for $99.99

In addition, Kaspersky also offers a free 30 days trial, to let people try Kaspersky applications.

Avast offers the following packages for windows:

  1.    Avast Free Antivirus is a free version
  2.    Avast Internet Security with price $59.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  3.    Avast Premier with price $69.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  4.    Avast Ultimate starts at $119.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  5.    Avast also offers a 30 days free trial version

Kaspersky has lower prices for all of its paid packages and also covers more devices for a similar cost.

Winner: Kaspersky

User interface

Kaspersky has the most user-friendly interface in the antivirus industry. All the settings and features are positioned well that you feel no issue finding any feature. Kaspersky is easy to use and the interface is modernly designed. Still, there is some issue in finding some features. When you move away from the home screen, you will see a lot of options. In order to use other features, you need to go back to the home screen and then you can use other options.

Avast offers a glitch-free interface but not reach the level of Kaspersky interface. The factor of smoothness is missing to some degree in the Avast program. UI elements in Avast are not as intuitive as that of Kaspersky. This is where the Avast falls behind the ratings as compared to Kaspersky antivirus.

Winner: Kaspersky


Overall the Kaspersky is one of the best options in the security industry, as it offers right protection and performance outcomes. Moreover, Kaspersky has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

In contrast, Avast antivirus is a decent antivirus program. It offers reliable protection and performance ratings. Moreover, its packages offer a big list of effective and beneficial features.


NordVPN vs PIA

No doubts both VPNs i.e. Private Internet Access and NordVPN are two well known and best BPN services. But it is not necessary that both are offering us equal features and facilities that we need. The comparison between Private Internet Access and NordVPN will help you decide better what to choose for your internet security.

Server Network

NordVPN provides us with a big number of servers and a huge server network. It offers us a big choice to select from and also help with performance. This VPN is reliable because it provides more bandwidth for its users.

NordVPN is having 3,600 servers in 61 different countries. In the alone US, NordVPN has 1279 servers from which you can use any. Other countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia also have various server locations to select among them. On the basis of these numbers, NordVPN has become one of the largest VPN service providers.

Private Internet Access, on the other hand, has a smaller server network, with server locations in only 28 different countries. This is much limited, but for many users, it doesn?t matter until the performance is reasonable.

Winner: NordVPN


Speed is definitely important while looking for a VPN service, especially if you are going to use torrenting, Netflix or browsing.

NordVPN showed very good overall speeds across the network but at some places the ups and downs in the speeds were obvious. It also has some additional servers to their network in recent years in order to improve overall performance. You will be able to get almost 40 to 60 Mbps with nearest servers.

Private Internet Access provides good speed with several servers. Even though many of the PIA servers can be somehow variable but overall the performance of private internet access VPN is good. If we talk in the comparison between the two, NordVPN provides pretty better performance than PIA.

Winner: Private Internet Access

Logging Policy

Keeping log policy is very important for a VPN. No one wants any third party to keep their logs and activity details. Almost each and every user wants to use a VPN service which keeps no logs.

In the case of our study, both the NordVPN and Private Internet Access offer us with no log keeping. But the private internet access seems doubtful because it is USA based and the government of the USA is tarnished to misuse private info of internet users.

NordVPN, on the other hand, is free from any doubt and suspicion because it is Panama based where there is no law about data retention. Therefore, the place of origin plays an important role in terms of logging policy.

Winner: NordVPN


Private Internet Access had kept the same pricing for more than 5 years. PIA offers 7 days money back guarantee. The plans are 1 Month plan: $6.95; 1 Year plan: $39.95 per year or $3.33 per month and 2 Years plan: $69.95 per year or $2.91 per month.

NordVPN provides us with 3 plans. Monthly plan cost is up to $11.95, the six-month plan has a price of $7 per month and the yearly package has a price of $5.75 per month. It offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Winner: NordVPN


In the light of above comparison that NordVPN is the winner due to its excellent speed, insubstantial service and a perfect tool to anyone who is looking to improve their access to limited sites and connects almost anywhere worldwide.