Norton and Avast are antivirus software and both are performing great in terms of security and protection. When you decide antivirus for your computer you definitely need the best one. If you are stuck between Norton and Avast read this comparison it will help your decision.


AV-test reveals that the Avast was successful in detecting 97.5% of malware offline and 99.3% online. The rate of protection online was 99.8%. The score is pretty good.

Norton, on the other hand, scored 78.7% malware detection while offline and 99.9% when online. In the case of Norton, the rate of protection online was near to perfect i.e. 99.9%. Avast has 4 whopping false alarms while Norton has 274.

In terms of protection, Avast and Norton both perform well with 6/6 rating in AV-test. It means that both are good options for protection and protection. In this battle, Norton wins because of its far better results shown by AV-comparatives.

Winner: Norton

Security Features


Avast provides features for managing passwords for protection of all online accounts

Avast caught malware and suspicious files to protect your computer

It has great Firewall

It offers spam filters

It also provides a shield against ransomware

Auto-updating of software

It has data shredder to ensure that all the files get deleted permanently

It also offers browser cleanup option that saves from irritating pop-ups from various sites


Norton provides robust protection against phishing

Also effectively detect and remove spam

It offers two-way firewall protection

Password manager for protection of all online accounts

It also offers online storage

Rescue Disk

Winner: Avast


Avast Free Antivirus is a free version. Avast Internet Security with price $59.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast Premier with price $69.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast Ultimate starts at $119.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device. Avast also offers a 30 days free trial version

Norton has priced $109.99 per year. It offers support to 10 devices as compared to just one device as in case of Avast. There are lots of discounts on this price which leave you to pay only $49.99 per year for 10 devices to protect.

Winner: Norton

User interface

Although the user interface is very instructive and informatory and offers users with all of the options and settings of data, yet some users think it is complex and difficult to use. Any of the features and settings can be displayed on the home screen including tabs and buttons for scans, security, advanced and add devices.  

In the case of Avast, the user interface appears darker and looks beautiful and compelling. All the key features are displayed on the main home screen window and it has nice a sidebar on the left side. Norton has a bit complex interface as compared to Avast. In comparison, Avast is the winner with a more intuitive user interface.

Winner: Avast

Avast Pros

Automatic updating of software

The setup process is very simple

Scores good in terms of performance and protection

Avast provides many advanced features related to security

Great deletion efficiency

It provides protection against ransomware

Avast Cons

Some security features can only be unlocked with extra payments instead of including in the package

Norton Pros

It offers protection to a huge number of devices with only one plan i.e. up to 10 devices

It offers good parental control

For backup, Norton provides 25 GB online storage

It provides a robust firewall

Offers a good range of additional features

Norton Cons

Fewer protection features for Mac users with a lack of parental control tools

Bottom line

No doubts Norton performed well in several ways but the winner is Avast. Avast is a worldwide company working with cyber protection and their features are trustworthy.