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Antivirus Comparison

Avast vs Kaspersky

The antivirus software, Avast, and Kaspersky are renowned brands in the antivirus and security market. Both names have millions of users throughout the world. If you are confused between these two antivirus programs, have a look at this article where we discussed the main features and security packages.  

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky provides the same detection and scanning tools for all the antivirus apps. It offers a combination of digital signature matching apparatus with investigative monitoring to detect both kinds of unknown and known malware.

Kaspersky offers robust real-time protection. A test was conducted with Kaspersky containing hundreds and thousands of virus samples and it scored almost 100% real-time protection. In AV-test Kaspersky performed well and proved one of the best antivirus software with 100% malware detection, zero-day malware attacks and even protection from email and web threats.

Avast also provides somehow same malware protection tools to all of its antivirus products. A test by researchers has shown that Avast is perfect antivirus with 99% protection rates. In contrast to Kaspersky, Avast provides a 99% detection rate.  

Winner: Kaspersky


In terms of performance, Kaspersky leads ahead of Avast to some extent. There seems some difficulty in using various sites on chrome or any other heavy application. But still, some of the positive points of Avast can?t be ignored. It offers a safer environment for gaming online, sandbox features for running insecure application and management for personal data.

Winner: Kaspersky


Kaspersky offers four packages for window users and supports 5 devices. The packages are:

  1.    Kaspersky Anti-Virus has the price of $39.95 per year and supports 1 device
  2.    Kaspersky Internet Security with a price of $59.95 per year and supports only 1 device
  3.    Kaspersky Total Security with price $79.95 per year and supports 1 device
  4.    Kaspersky Cloud Security having a price of $89.99 per year and supports up to 3 devices and 5 devices for $99.99

In addition, Kaspersky also offers a free 30 days trial, to let people try Kaspersky applications.

Avast offers the following packages for windows:

  1.    Avast Free Antivirus is a free version
  2.    Avast Internet Security with price $59.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  3.    Avast Premier with price $69.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  4.    Avast Ultimate starts at $119.99 for a yearly subscription and supports one device.
  5.    Avast also offers a 30 days free trial version

Kaspersky has lower prices for all of its paid packages and also covers more devices for a similar cost.

Winner: Kaspersky

User interface

Kaspersky has the most user-friendly interface in the antivirus industry. All the settings and features are positioned well that you feel no issue finding any feature. Kaspersky is easy to use and the interface is modernly designed. Still, there is some issue in finding some features. When you move away from the home screen, you will see a lot of options. In order to use other features, you need to go back to the home screen and then you can use other options.

Avast offers a glitch-free interface but not reach the level of Kaspersky interface. The factor of smoothness is missing to some degree in the Avast program. UI elements in Avast are not as intuitive as that of Kaspersky. This is where the Avast falls behind the ratings as compared to Kaspersky antivirus.

Winner: Kaspersky


Overall the Kaspersky is one of the best options in the security industry, as it offers right protection and performance outcomes. Moreover, Kaspersky has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

In contrast, Avast antivirus is a decent antivirus program. It offers reliable protection and performance ratings. Moreover, its packages offer a big list of effective and beneficial features.