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VPN Comparison

NordVPN vs PIA

No doubts both VPNs i.e. Private Internet Access and NordVPN are two well known and best BPN services. But it is not necessary that both are offering us equal features and facilities that we need. The comparison between Private Internet Access and NordVPN will help you decide better what to choose for your internet security.

Server Network

NordVPN provides us with a big number of servers and a huge server network. It offers us a big choice to select from and also help with performance. This VPN is reliable because it provides more bandwidth for its users.

NordVPN is having 3,600 servers in 61 different countries. In the alone US, NordVPN has 1279 servers from which you can use any. Other countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia also have various server locations to select among them. On the basis of these numbers, NordVPN has become one of the largest VPN service providers.

Private Internet Access, on the other hand, has a smaller server network, with server locations in only 28 different countries. This is much limited, but for many users, it doesn?t matter until the performance is reasonable.

Winner: NordVPN


Speed is definitely important while looking for a VPN service, especially if you are going to use torrenting, Netflix or browsing.

NordVPN showed very good overall speeds across the network but at some places the ups and downs in the speeds were obvious. It also has some additional servers to their network in recent years in order to improve overall performance. You will be able to get almost 40 to 60 Mbps with nearest servers.

Private Internet Access provides good speed with several servers. Even though many of the PIA servers can be somehow variable but overall the performance of private internet access VPN is good. If we talk in the comparison between the two, NordVPN provides pretty better performance than PIA.

Winner: Private Internet Access

Logging Policy

Keeping log policy is very important for a VPN. No one wants any third party to keep their logs and activity details. Almost each and every user wants to use a VPN service which keeps no logs.

In the case of our study, both the NordVPN and Private Internet Access offer us with no log keeping. But the private internet access seems doubtful because it is USA based and the government of the USA is tarnished to misuse private info of internet users.

NordVPN, on the other hand, is free from any doubt and suspicion because it is Panama based where there is no law about data retention. Therefore, the place of origin plays an important role in terms of logging policy.

Winner: NordVPN


Private Internet Access had kept the same pricing for more than 5 years. PIA offers 7 days money back guarantee. The plans are 1 Month plan: $6.95; 1 Year plan: $39.95 per year or $3.33 per month and 2 Years plan: $69.95 per year or $2.91 per month.

NordVPN provides us with 3 plans. Monthly plan cost is up to $11.95, the six-month plan has a price of $7 per month and the yearly package has a price of $5.75 per month. It offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Winner: NordVPN


In the light of above comparison that NordVPN is the winner due to its excellent speed, insubstantial service and a perfect tool to anyone who is looking to improve their access to limited sites and connects almost anywhere worldwide.